※ RoHS Statement

It is our intent to pro-actively meet the needs of our customers and conform as early as possible to the RoHS Directive.

In order to achieve conformance we have addressed the Directive in two main ways, these being the removal of lead from our soldering processes and the use of RoHS compliant material & components.

Ferrus Powers roadmap to RoHS compliance is as follows:

  • April 2006: All existing consumables and auxiliary materials must be RoHS-compliant sourced in preference to non-compliant parts wherever these are available. [Completed] 

  • All newly introduced consumables and auxiliary materials must be RoHS-compliant. [Completed] 

  • Designs produced prior to July 2006 will be converted to meet RoHS compliance at customer request and subject to the application of the product. [Completed] 

  • April 2006: All products will be manufactured using only a lead-free process. [Completed]

  • July 2006: All products from 3rd party suppliers will be RoHS-compliant (limited exceptions will be permitted where notified in advance). [Completed] 

  • New designs manufactured by Ferrus will be RoHS compliant subject to application exemptions as listed in the RoHS directive. [Completed]

All RoHS compliant products will be marked in accordance with the requirements of the RoHS directive.