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► 2.4G technology

2.4G wireless mouse works with the frequency three times higher than that of the mobile phone, and offers wireless connections as far as 10 meters and with directionless 360 degrees.

*This distance is for reference only; operating distance is closely related with service environment.

► Intelligent FM technology of channel
The exclusive 16-channel intelligent FM technology of Rapoo can switch over to another channel within 1/1,000 seconds when your wireless working channel is interfered, which guarantees the mouse in your hand as smooth as silk at any time.

► Code-free intelligent connection technology
Another exclusive code-free intelligent connection technology of Rapoo enables your mouse to be used as easily as a wired mouse. You only need to insert the receiver and install the batteries, and the mouse will be connected with the receiver automatically. More than 60,000 groups of built-in security codes can ensure your receiver to receive the signals sent out from your mouse only.

► Bidirectional communication technology
The bidirectional communication technology which represents the highest dependability is also applied to the wireless mouse of Rapoo. Actually, the micro receiver of Rapoo is also a launcher. After receiving the data sent out from the mouse, the receiver will check up first, and send out the data to the computer if it is right, or send out an order to the mouse requiring resending if the data is wrong, so as to guarantee 100% accuracy for the communication between the mouse and the receiver.

► Laser technology 
Ordinary LED light is replaced by the laser. The advantage is that laser can pass through more surfaces, because it is Coherent Light with nearly single wavelength, and is capable of keeping its intensity and wave form even after going through a long distance of spreading; while ordinary LED light is Incoherent Light. The image-obtaining course of laser mouse transducer is achieved in the following way: the laser radiates on the surface of objects, and produces interference fringes which thus form spots reflected on the transducer; while the traditional optical mouse gets image from the shade produced from radiating the rough surface. Therefore, laser can produce greater contrast to the image of the surface, so as to make the picture easier to distinguish, and improve the positioning accuracy of the mouse.

► Energy-saving technology 
Besides adopting the low power consumption chip, it is also endowed with the function of Work Triggering, Standby and Quiescence, etc. Some models have been designed with the "Power On / Off button", through which the mouse can be shutdown when it is not used. The abovementioned ways have all lengthened the service life of the battery. The service life of an AA battery installed in the laser type mouse is about six months. The service life of a battery may vary according to different habits in using the mouse.

► Portable technology
The micro receiver can be inserted into the tail of the mouse and stored, and when the micro receiver is inserted, the mouse will power off automatically. Before using, press the popup button and you can take it out easily.

Advantages: Multimedia control center, Internet shortcut keys, Office shortcut keys control function.